A Growing Movement

of the Heart

The Garden of Life is a growing movement of the heart where residents and employees come together to create as a community who live and work in the city to grow organic food and share skills to create vibrant energy from interactions which promote friendship and goodwill.

Connecting community and food

Our Primary Vision

The existing community consists of property owners (land and building owners) who offer space for their tenants, employees and the homeless to garden organically in a sustainable fashion year around.

The vision came about because of a growing need to honor our rights as humans who while on this Earth who should have access to some dirt to grow food which is organic. This movement is inclusive to all.

The WSU Master Gardeners and other permaculture experts, apiarists offer their skills to assist the knowledge base to mentor participants of gardens on sustainable practices including organic growing soil composting, vermiculture, & tree pruning,


Skills Sharers

  • Volunteer time to grow the movement
  • Garden space
  • Event space
  • Services of skill which is approved and posted as an event
  • Services of skill which are called upon for new gardens
  • Gardening opportunities for residents or employees who don’t have gardens to work at
  • Seedlings, dirt, compost, worms, wood chips and other garden material for events*
  • Volunteers offer time to administer the database and create events
  • Contribute inspiration blogs so that others new to the city or the movement can immerse easily into the growing movement

Community Members

  • Seek skills from Master Gardeners, and permaculture experts, apiarists, and other skills not listed at the time.
  • Seek gardens to work in
  • Sign up to attend a skill event
  • Seek venues to set up garden space
  • Seek culinary skills from Master Chefs and culinary experts or someone who just famous for their cooking


The method of growing this movement that originates in the heart is to avoid the top down approach that is traditionally used in organization and instead acknowledges the heartfelt contributions of the members of the group to grow an idea from its inception to an action that conforms with the principal of the movement.

The method of growing this movement in an attempt to be organic in nature consists of core volunteers working in groups of five to address areas such as:

  • vision foundation
  • communication
  • website development
  • database management
  • packaging of the movement
  • launch event planning

Groups working on these areas are proposed to consist of five people who are curious to further investigate and grow a particular aspect of the movement in a positive direction.
The symbolism of working in five is that five points of energy creates a pentagon, the inside of a star. Star’s create energy or symbolical light for others to see and be attracted to.

The group’s participants use their creative energy to form action and activity based on the primary vision creating positive contribution that is pleasing to the movement in its content and legality.

Groups don’t remain permanent, their work is documented in a working document which can be added to as the movement grows, available on the website for public access; upon completion of the goal, members may join other groups as their interest in being a core volunteer grows to other areas.

There is no direct monetary need in the operation of this movement beyond the annual cost of hosting a website and database which for this year have been anonymously donated.

Movement Foundations

To succeed, the Garden of Life requires various skillsets to be involved and donated by it’s community.

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Email has been working for appointed meeting times however a proposal to use Monday.com as a project management site is considered as well as a donation from the creators for this short term (one year requested)

Website Development

The website should be a resource for the garden activities as well as be a portal to donate time and space to this movement as well as requests for gardening space and know how. It will have blog writers who are donors.

Vision Foundation

The vision foundation lays out the workings of the movement, discusses the lessons learned from foot soldiers who are sampling the current situation of donors, suppliers, existing gardens and desirable aspects to add to the movement.

Database Management

Data should be stored from the website and be accessible to approve requests, offers and coordinate events, as well as keep a track of gardens and their specialty and other information not yet identified.

Packaging the Movement

This group creatively designs a package to promote the gardens to prospective gardeners, property and business owners. Designs marketing campaigns and works with the LAUNCH EVENT PLANNING to ensure the vision is carried through.

Launch Event Planning

Consists primarily of Master Gardeners, permaculture, and apiarist’ to create criteria and who work with the Packaging group members to create a “Gorilla Garden Challenge” to launch the movement. The challenge will be announced in May, and judged in late summer when results of growing are producing fruit and vegetables.

Other Areas of Thought

On This Movement

  • Fibonnachi’s circle
  • Tree of Life
  • Bill Mollison Permaculture originator
  • Utopia

Inspirational movies:
Netflix Chef’s Table V4: E2 Corrdo Assenza

* Permaculture is a system of agricultural and social design principles centered around simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems. The term permaculture was developed and coined by David Holmgren, then a graduate student, and his professor, Bill Mollison, in 1978.

*core volunteers are those who organize the movement.

*events can be gardening challenges to launch the movement or skill sharing events.

The vision foundation will involve a willing accounting professional in this process to address legal requirements affecting donations to events that the movement organizes.

Not visible here is the societal benefits from this movement: The community grows in tolerance as members work, share, give and receive fresh produce and gifts of skills shared. Friendships and support develops from shared gardens and skill sharing events.

The energy of the community members rises – benefiting their outlook and creating functional families. For those who don’t have a traditional family, the community becomes a family. The connection among members is strong because it is based on a very primal shared interest: growing food and developing skills.

Building and land owners in the city get to reduce their carbon footprint by allowing community members to use the space for long term growing gardens.
Incentives for property owners to develop a discussion about the use of the Greenway Levy (COB) toward their gardens.

Information and discussion:
Facebook us at:
Garden of Life, Bellingham WA

Proposed plan:
Include and invite all existing parties (all groups) in the city and urban Bellingham to come together and talk about the movement.

Primary contact:
Bernadette Jacqueline
www.gardenoflife.global (under construction)